you know you're a hardcore photo editor when...

by Heather Young

• Your "busy season" is eleven months of the year.

• You buy a gaming keyboard and program it to maximize your efficiency in Lightroom.

• You occasionally find yourself lying in bed in a half-awake hypnogogic state where you're editing imaginary jobs in Lightroom.

• The phrase "jpg shooter" makes you involuntarily twitch.

• You're so busy working that you can't be bothered to update your twitter, pinterest, or even your poor precious blog. (Don't know about you, but if I only have a very limited number of free hours, I want to spend them riding my bike or drinking a Cafe Napoli at Keane Coffee rather than trying to keep up with the endless inanities of twitter.)

In summary: it's been a busy year. It's going to keep being busy until, oh, say February or so. But I always make time for friends and clients, so get in touch if you need me. Otherwise, I'll see you around when I emerge from work-related hibernation February 2014.