20 years of Photoshop

by Heather Young

Adobe's celebrating 20 years of Photoshop with this cheerful anniversary video reuniting the original Photoshop team. It's a breezy, knowing little piece that's packed with surprising historical tidbits, Photoshop geek humor, and allusions to the scale of Photoshop's influence on photography, art, design (including web design: can you imagine how different the internet would be without Photoshop?) and culture at large.

Also of note: 20 Years of Image Editing: Photoshop from 1.0 to CS4 is an article in Mac|Life chronologing the evolving technology of Photoshop, its (lack of significant) competition, and its cultural impact. The most exciting bit what Kevin Connor, Photoshop's VP of Product Management for Professional Digital Imaging, had to say about the future of Photoshop:

From a technology standpoint, the big trend is computational photography. Increasingly, software algorithms are being used to derive photographs that could not be directly captured using traditional optics and sensors. Today, this technology can give us seamless panorama photos or wide-angle shots with no distortion, but in the future, it may even give us the ability to manipulate a photograph in three dimensions, adjusting vantage point and focus after the capture. Ultimately, it can also lead to software that is smarter about understanding the contents of a photo and can manipulate it as more than just a collection of pixels.