simple, free, incredibly useful Mac menu bar apps

by Heather Young

Caffeine: just click to keep your Mac from going to sleep, dimming, or activating the screen saver. You can choose how long you want it to stay in effect, from 5 minutes to indefinitely.

Alarm: makes it easy to create alarms. Gives you fine control over when an alarm should reoccur, whether it's a simple one-time alarm, or you want specify particular days of the week. You can choose the alarm sound (including music from your iTunes library). Can also be used as a timer or stopwatch.

Day-O: puts a calendar page icon in your menu bar showing the current date, so you can easily know the date at a glance. Click on the icon to see the calendar for the month. You can click forward and backward through the months so you can easily figure out what day of the week any particular calendar date was or will be.

Flycut: clipboard manager. Any time you ⌘C a bit of text, Flycut copies it. When you're ready to paste, add shift to the usual ⌘V, and you can scroll through everything you've copied recently, so even if you've copied other things since you originally copied the text you need, you can still get it in Flycut.

Switch: easily transfer a website open in one browser to another browser. It even closes the tab in the old browser when it switches to the new browser.